It does not stop just by making the due diligence.
1. We assess
due diligence
We ask the right questions, to check your due diligence if you want to expand your business operations.

Who is your new CEO? Who are you investing in? How did the country evolve? How stable are the lawmakers? Is it relevant for your business? And what is the payment moral?

Together with our legal partners, we report to our clients the relevancy and impact.
2. We analyze
3. We take a look
at the industry
Most of the industries are an industry of their own.

We look inside of this industry through parameters how your investments could be negatively affected.
4. We analyze
We provide an analysis of the local law and how it can affect your investment.

We compare our client’s investment plan and structure with the actual situation and check if we are risk free.
5. We study the
cultural impact
This is a highly underestimated topic.

Many of our clients in the past have faced the complexity of culture while investing in another country. It’s not only about legislation.

How are the unions organized? Are there tribes with specific privileges or religions? The habits of the population?

All these elements are important to make your investment a success and to make sure that your risks are covered.
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