When your team needs assistance in retrieving assets
if your preventives measurements did not work out the way you wanted
1. Tracing
We make sure that this happens within its legal parameters.

Preparing all documentation that is needed for the legal team.

Time is of the essence!
2. Safety
We make sure you have control over your brand.

With our global footprint and our network we can act quickly to make sure your assets are safe.

We guarantee your brand will not be affected negatively.
3. Financial retrievals
How do you get back the amount which you have invested or provided as a loan?

What is the quality of the agreement?
How many attempts were undertaken to solve this?

Strategy is key in these matters, we present our plan and with approval from our client we make sure that we minimize the damage.

In close collaboration with the legal department we take all necessary steps to solve the case quick and without brand risk.
4. Clear & effective
risk management
We work goal-oriented with all legal teams and authorities on the case.
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