How are you organized?

Which communication tools do you use?

What type of risks are you aware of and which one are you not aware of?
1. Feasibility study
Many companies have a financial KPI which can be very motivating but the same KPI can put the brand at risk.

We show our clients the impact and the risk they take with setting these KPI’s. We provide them with safe boundaries and monitor them so reaching their KPI’s takes place in a risk free environment.

We measure the impact the KPI’s have on the brand, when we present our feasibility study, to give a better understanding which risks the company can undertake.

Clarity and safety are crucial in our business.
2. portfolio &
debt scanning
How healthy is your portfolio? What is the quality of your financial department?

With our scan we deliver a full overview of your needs. From the level of impact to a realistic insight of the financial status of your portfolio.

After analyzing the scan with our client, we present our operational plan to make sure you stay on the safe side.
3. is there
a legal person
Which legal department or external legal party is involved in the cases you have?

What is their role? How do they share information?
4. comparison:
theory vs practice
The big gap between theory and practice, learned us to be always specific and accurate with every document and every contract we sign.
5. trend analysis
With our Safeguard matrix we analyse the trends and the risks inside your company.

We complete our research by comparing the identified trends and risks to industry standards your company operates in.

Where do we stand? What is the level of risk we have? Is it a coincidence or is it structural? Are we compliant?

6. our goal: operate
without brand risk
By focusing on risk prevention and implementing of the necessary tools you can fully focus on your core business.
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