our history
Our team goes way back, having gathered
industry experience over 3 decades.
our management
groups under the
latest configuration
we have set up our global footprint, working with partners and other specialist in different regions of the world.
the company grows
to over 25 employees
Trained our own staff to be more client centric and starting to diversify our service offering.
Expanding our service offering with 2 more services
Training/ Consultancy (Special Asset Management in the financial sector) and delivering a preventive SCAN for our clients.
First year ever we have retrieved over a 200 millions EURO.
Signing up with bigger financial firms and investments companies
After years of refining our service offering companies started to hire us for training their staff and guiding them in risk management. Not only on the theoretical side but also in the operational day to day.
We have entered the digital world, our clients were more in need of digital protection of their brand.
We started to digitalize our own experiences from the last 25 years in order to be more scalable and to serve our clients even better.
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